luni, 25 martie 2013

After so much time

God... I (Gabriela) feel like I haven't talk with you guys for such a long time! I actually forgot that I had this blog because I was and I still am (now I am trying to have some free time) busy because I have to study hard for my last year at the university. I miss all my blogging friends so much! And I also miss blogging. I think this is how I have remembered about my fashion blog.
Right now I am listening some jazz and I am looking to some old pictures. I have so many things to talk with you!
1. Chris and I have not seen because of my full program
2. We haven't spent the New Year's Eve as we have proposed
3. Chris and I had a break up
4. My laptop broke down and a few days ago I heared that the hard disk drive is broken and the people from the computer service will replace it, but I will lose everything I have in my computer (meaning and pictures - something enormously important to me). So now I have to call all my friends and ask them to send me pictures they have with me in their computer.
5. The good news is that I have almost all the pictures with me in my boyfriend's computer. I would like to share with you some old picture that I found them (some of them are made ​​a year ago)
6. Now me and Chris are trying to work things out a little and to mantain the contact and the relationship we used to have.
7. I am thinking... Should I cut my hair again? I want so much to have long hair and I am so happy because my hair started to grow, but when I look at those pictures I started to ask myself: What should I do?


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