joi, 28 martie 2013

A new bag and a new shirt!

Hey guys! How are you? I've been to shopping yesterday and today and I am so excited! I have bought something that I wanted for a long time: an amazing brown bag and a pretty and lovely shirt. So yesterday I bought this bag from Stradivarius (soon I will put more pictures). I had seen it in the store last week or so, but then I did not have enough money on me and although I liked I was not firmly convinced that I want to buy that bag. After three days I went again and saw it at Stradivarius. Then I realized that I really need to buy that amazing and practical bag! It fits perfectly with my brown jacket from Pull and Bear (which I bought last summer / was on sale!) and with my brown boots from H & M (which I bought 4 months ago!).

Yesterday evening I went to Pull&Bear to buy a shirt and I found what I wanted (and it was on sale and it was a color that I did not have in the closet) but they did not have size and only M and L. When I got home I looked on their website so I could find stores with the desired size. In the morning I went to a mall, I tried the shirt to make sure that it looks perfect on me and I bought it. I'm so happy!

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  1. such beautiful pieces!
    can't wait to see you wearing them!
    kisses from Miami,