joi, 9 august 2012

New H&M Sweater

When I (Gabriela) saw this sweater from the H&M website I said: I must have it! I liked it so much (like I was obsessed) so the next day I went to H&M to buy it. This sweater you can find on other colors (turquoise, black, white) but I liked tremendously the pink one (actually is a lilac color) so I bought it! I was lucky because they had only two jumpers size 34 (EUR) / 4 (U.S.) which were the smallest sizes. Besides the wonderful color that I love at this sweater, I like the breast pocket, the combination of lilac and black, the turn-ups/cuffs and also the material (80% cotton and 20% viscose).

14 comentarii:

  1. I like your blog style and has everything I like.

  2. Love the colour!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Sure, I will check your latest outfit post! Happy weekend to you too my darling!

  3. this looks so comfy!

  4. That's a gorgeous colour.... Good choice!! :)

  5. Wouldn't mind this in white, lovely jumper! xoxox

  6. this looks so cute :) lovely colour xx