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We want to say "Thank you Ligia!" from  EL COFRE because she nominated us for the LIEBSTER AWARD!!! We are so happy and surprised because it's the first time we're nominated! And also is the first time we participate in such a contest!

Eleven facts about Gabriela and Chris

1. I am a student at Faculty of Letters - University of Bucharest (in third year, that means I'm a junior - Thank God is the last year).
2. When I was a kid until 10th grade I wanted to be a doctor.
3. After I finish this faculty I want to do a fashion course or a fashion design faculty.
4. For 11 years I had a parrot as a pet. He died of old age last year, but has lived all his life happy.
5. I wish in the future to travel in foreign countries.
6. I don't want to learn how to drive a car because I'm afraid of car accidents.
7. I can't wait to move into a new apartment with my boyfriend (possibly after we both finished college).
8. I don't like people who chew with their mouth open or sip soup.
9. I don't know how to swim.
10. I was 6th grade when I ride a bicycle and a car ran over me. Luckily nothing happened to me (not the same thing I could say about the bike), but for a long time I was scared of intersections.
11. When I was 12, I did figure skating. Unfortunately I didn't continue because there was no one to take me to the rink and it was far from where I lived.

1. Art History Student - BA degree @ Uni of Bucharest, Romania
2. enjoys travelling on his own
3. interested in photo-documentary; museum/ archaeo-sites geek
4. loves cats more than dogs
5. listens to softpop, rock&metal, alternative, classical, oldies
6. "Everything green is <3 - save the planet!"
7. paints and draws, and writes good poetry - trust me! ;)
8. makes easily strong relationships, even without much conversation
9. hates waiting & working with deadlines - he's an Aries
10. wants a stable job, a tiny comfortable car and die young & fast
11. Yes, he's gay

Eleven questions asked by Ligia

1. What is your  favorite designer?
G: Karl Lagerfeld
2. What do you do?
G: I am a student at the University of Bucharest and currently I'm a volunteer / English-Romanian translator to ARPCC (Romanian Association for Child Custody)
C: I am an Art History student who likes digging out & restoring ancient ceramic pieces.
3. Why  did you open your blog?
G: I wanted to make a blog about fashion or an account on YouTube in which to present my clothes, outfits every day and what I buy. I decided to make this blog because I love fashion and I wanted others to see who I am and how I express myself. Chis called me "fashion monster" in a good way (ha, ha)!. A day after I made the blog I asked Chris if he wanted to work with me on this blog and he agreed. Below are written reasons why he agreed.
C: Showing off individuality of one's is enriching your own individuality. Reason: fashion and feeling beautiful on the in/&outside.
4. Flats or heels?
G: Flats
C: Flats
5. What  is your favorite  meal?
G: Hmm, I can eat any food that looks good and tastes good, but if I had to choose one meal I think I'd choose seafruits or spaghetti carbonara.
C: Salads
6. Beach or mountain?
G: Mountain
C: Mountain
7. Do you like go to gym?
G: Yes
C: Yes
8. What  is your favorite  place? Why?
G: My favorite place can be anywhere as long as I am in the company of people I love, I respect and who care about me.
C: My work desk somewhere in the middle of Mother Nature; landscape shall speak for itself.
9. Cats or dogs?
C: *meow*
10. What is your favorite fashion accesory?
G: A clutch or a bag.
C: Pendants/ bracelets.
11. Summer or winter?
G: Winter and Spring
C: Autumn
The rules of the award are as follows

1. When you recieve the award thank the person that gave you it and post the link to his/her blog in your post.

2. Then you (receiver of the award) post eleven things about yourself

3. Answer the eleven things that tagger has set for you

4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with under 200 followers and link their pages in your post. Then create eleven questions for them to answer

5. Go to their pages and tell them

6. No tag backs!

Here are eleven great blogs that we have nominated to recieve this award :

10. DASH!

11. Crosshatch

Our eleven questions are: 
1. Do you have a job? If the answer is yes, what job do you have? If the answer is no, what job would you like to have?
2. How often do you go shopping?
3. What is the most important fashion accessory for you?
4. Do you have a pet or would you like to have one?
5. Do you have a favourite contry or town?
6. What languages do you know?
7. Have you ever had a life changing experience? Please do share it with us.
8. Name your favorite colour and explain its effect on you (your clothes, accessories etc.). 
9. Name one intellectual/ artist/ musician you'd like to have dinner with.
10. Does fashion influence your sex-appeal?
11. Tell us a motto that rules your mind & heart.
And the winner is... Nelly from Aux Caprices de Flore !!! Congratulations honey, we like so much your answers and you deserve this award!

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  1. Gabriela and Chris,

    thank you so much for the award, I am truly humbled!

    d a n i e l l e |

    1. Danielle, we haven't decided who will win, but for the moment we expect both your answers and the other nominees to our questions to determine who will be the winner! Good luck!

  2. Thanks a lot guys for the nomination,
    wow!!! It is my first one, I'm so happy and grateful.
    Thanks again Gabriela and Chris

    1. We are so glad that we could bring you some happiness in your soul! Keep in touch!

  3. Thanks guys for nominating me! So sweet!
    I'ved answer the questions you gave me.
    You can read my answers at:


    1. Thank you dear Dascha for answering so quick! We will read your answers. Kisses!

  4. Great blogs dears and thank you so much for your comments!!!!

  5. Thank you for leaving your comments on my blog :)) I follow you right now :)

  6. Thanks for your comments!
    Love your blog
    I have followed
    be sure to keep in touch
    and congrats on the awardd!!

    1. Thank you sweetie for your comment and for following us! We want to keep in touch with you! Kisses!

  7. Congratulation, I received this award too

  8. Interesting fact !! Thanks for your sweet comment , and hope to see you back soon.

  9. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.

  10. I'm very flattered that you nominated me, thanks again :) but I don't really tend to do these kinds of posts on my blog, sorry :( I don't mean to seem rude or ungrateful xx

    1. No problem! We appreciate your response to our comment although we would have preferred to tell us from the beginning.

  11. Thank you for the nominations guys! <3 <3 <3

    Means a lot to me :D

  12. Hi guys!

    I am so sorry about the delay! I have been busy with interviews! I plan on posting tonight, but don't wait up for me-the nomination was enough, it meant a lot :) If I could, I'd nominate you back!