joi, 2 august 2012

1st shopping visit in Ploieşti

Hello again! You might have heard of this Romanian city, located in Prahova county (website of the townhall of Ploieşti). Well, I (Chris) decided to go shopping the way a true citizen of the middle society does, by avoiding the agglomeration and exhorbitant prices of the local mall and seeking for small boutiques and import up-bringing products.

General view of the city centre
Firstly, I want to express the feeling that it's very hard to find something to delight your eyes with, eventhought prices are quite acceptable if you go into large based-on-import-clothes magazines like Cumana or Big (Ploieşti Sud), where I've been personally. Otherwise, there are lots of small businesses with second hand clothes of low quality, brought from Italy and Spain. I couldn't estimate the average age or gender of the people visiting and buying from here, but it's quite obvious people are eager to achieve things on low prices.

Of course, you can find what you're looking for if you're smart enough to dissimulate the texture that does the price (or not). My today choices were:

Activist T-Shirt from Stedman Classic's (M size)

Sonimix Sneakers (41 size), very flexible and of good material
Three-quarter Paper Boy breeches
And this is all, for the moment. Hope you will enjoy it. I shall take photos of the breeches next night with an interesting T-shirt experiment I've made.

Take good care, Style friends!

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